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11-28-2013 7337

All Navy Net Tender / Net Layers Reunion
2011 in Irvine, CA
15 to 18 September 2011

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Homeward Bound Project

Each reunion we honor the shipmates we have lost since the previous reunion. The program honoring them is called the Homeward Bound Project. To view those who were so honored in the Memorial Service this reunion in the Memorial service aboard the Delta Queen click on this text.

All Navy Net Tender / Net Layer Reunion 2010 Chattanooga, Tennessee was a big success

The Delta Queen was used at the beginning of WWII as temporary barracks at Tiburon, CA while barracks were being constructed for the Net Depot and Net and Booms School. It is now permanently moored on the Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Delta Queen is part of Net Tender history and we are part of theirs!

Tennessee Aquarium
Incline Railroad - Amazing mile up Lookout Mountain

This site has been changed to show what we did at the 2010 reunion

To register to attend the 2011 reunion go to the Signup page. Just click on this text.

All of our reunions are inclusive of all those who have in any way been associated with Net Tenders, Net Layers, Net Gate Vessels, Net Cargo Vessels, Net Depots or any other units that had anything to do with nets in any way.

Some of us served aboard Net Tenders (Net Layers) long after nets were no longer in use and are still part of this community. We welcome everyone no matter how tenuous the connection. Next of kin of veterans from this community are also very much welcome to join us.

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Navy Veterans website

Leroy Jones Navy History website

Tigger Tails Cat stories I wrote for my grandchildren

Navy Transmitting Facility, Capas

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I want to thank Chris Petro and Adrienne Terry of the Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB) for the outstanding assistance in so many ways in the planning and execution of the reunion. They are the very best, professional through and through! It is not an exaggeration to say that some of the details simply would not have worked out the same without their advice and assistance. In the coveted cudo in the Navy Bravo Zulu!
Leroy Jones

1 Eddie Pinson
2 Helen Gumpton
3 Terrell Pinson
4 Sandy Murray
5 Joe Seal

6 Shirley Harris
7 Tom Fike
8 Liz Seal
9 Bud Harris
10 Helen Rogers
11 Troy Cole
12 Charles Chapman
13 Betty Hermanson
14 Jean Chapman
15 Grace Walker
16 Patricia Cole
17 Marvin Hermanson
18 Dick Berg
19 Eunice Kelly
20 Frank Kelly
21 Joan Patrick
22 Rusty Whittle
23 Hank Lawson
24 Anita Berg
25 Nora Whittle
31 Glenn Paulson
32 Mark Paulson
33 Dick Berg Jr.
34 Leroy Jones
26 Jane Lawson
27 Sal Anselmo
28 Harlan Roth
29 Linda Prattini
30 Garnice Roth
Benjamin & Talia Whittle
Charlie Whittle Jr. & Betty Sutton
Dennis & Linda Whittle
VADM Ron & Patrica Eytchison Special Guests

Click here to view PDF version of the 2010 Reunion Album This is a very large file so please be patient while it uploads